Arved Exhibition Design

The origin

Arved History

“We need the past to preserve experiences and memories. We need the present to realize our projects. We need the future to imagine what we will to and to dream the impossible”

(Marino Pedretti)




It was 1967 when Mr. Marino Pedretti started his experience as interior and window designer by realizing more than a hundred clothing stores and jewelers in Milan, Rome and Bologna.

His desire of creativity, research and technology lead him to study building systems and techniques in order to create “scenery which are always new” for the customer.


Color, Surface and Aluminum

Colors, surfaces and materials are ingredients which, rightly dosed, can give character and exclusivity to Mr. Pedretti’s works. His passion for aluminium lead him to realize extrude profiles with arrays  and patents. This was the moment for Arved to enter into the Exhibition World.




Arved today!

What started in 1967, goes on today thanks to Mr. Pedretti’s soons Luca and Paolo.

This “machine of ideas” is composed by one hundred people who proactively contribute to its operations by creating connections with many disciplines related to the design, exhibition and visual communication world.

Strong partnerships have been installed with countries around the world, and they became a guarantee for our customers together with our quality and values.